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AlphaPro Driving School Reviews

This page reviews AlphaPro Driving School and their driving lessons. You will get most independent reviews and ratings for AlphaPro Driving School. The information is coming from the driving school website or other resource. The information is subject to change on an irregular basis due to  driving school can change their website without telling us.

For anyone has done any driving lessons with this driving school, please give it a rating and leave comment. That will help a lot for other people looking for a quality driving school.

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About Us

We aim to be the best driving school in Canberra and we are building our reputation with every student we train. A reputation for fairness and honesty, for doing things the right way. Not just training you for a test or to pass the log book assessments but to train you to really drive properly and safely in today’s driving conditions.

We’re not just talking about how to use the clutch or driving on a highway. We’re talking about training you to avoid accidents, anticipating bad driving situations and staying alive. All our instructors are passionate about training learner drivers so that they have all the skills they need to drive efficiently and safely. It’s not about driving slowly but about being able to recognise dangerous driving situations and how to anticipate and react. How to recognise dangerous driving practices around you on the road and how to avoid being involved in accidents caused by these practices. These techniques should be part of your basic driver training. With us they are!


John Bower

0488 825 742


Charles Powell

0407 470 817


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Rating: 4.4/5 (9 votes cast)
AlphaPro Driving School Reviews, 4.4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

14 Responses to AlphaPro Driving School Reviews

  1. I had lessons with Alpha Pro and I could not have been happier. Prior to commencing lessons I had contacted Alpha Pro via e-mail to check avaliability and was immediately contacted by John who provided me with options, dates and times to fit with my request. He also provided me with a link to videos to watch.

    My instructor was Charles who was an absolute delight. Charles recognised early that I had experience but I lacked confidence. He did everything to make me feel comfortable and become confident behind the wheel. I would recommend Charles and Alpha Pro to anyone who asks about driving lessons.

  2. I completed my driving lessons with Charles from Alpha Pro, and I could not be happier. He is super flexible and helps you achieve your driving goals no matter what they may be and suggested driving videos for me to watch to aid with some of the lessons. He is very patient and lovely to have in the car as he does not yell and is up for a chat. I highly recommend Charles and Alpha Pro to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

  3. I had driving lessons with Charles from Alpha pro and I can not recommend him more highly. I used to have a fear of driving and Charles was so extremely patient, competent and understanding that he helped me overcome my fear and in the end I actually enjoyed driving.

    If you are looking for an instructor who is flexible, supportive and encouraging then pick up the phone now and call Charles at alpha pro…. I wish I had found him sooner as it would have saved me putting off getting my license for years.

  4. As a recent migrant, I was not confident driving in the ACT. So I called couple of driving schools which fitted by budget and one of them was AlphaPro Driving School. I had called John Bower and he gave me advice on how I could build my confidence and drive in the ACT. He also directed me to watch videos before we started lessons which really helped me.

    I was only available for lessons during the weekends and John was very flexible and his way of teaching was fun and he puts in loads of humor. Even though I knew how to drive a manual car, I was able to learn more techniques from him which I did not in the past. If you are a manual enthusiast AlphaPro would be the write choice and they are reasonable.

  5. John…this one goes out to you. What a wonderful trainer you are ;-). Thank you for all the lessons and advice that you gave me during our fun-filled yet disciplined classes. Thank you for taking me through all the competencies carefully and now I am a confident driver.

    If someone is looking for a manual driving instructor, just ring John Bower! That’s it. He will make you a confident driver 🙂

    You would not find a more reliable trainer than him. Kudos John!



  6. I could not be happier with John’s driving lessons. I was only available during the weekend, yet John was flexible enough to manage he time and fit in lessons for me. He is a punctual, humorous, patient and an overall top bloke. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone regardless of age or experience.

  7. Charles is a wonderful trainer.Thank you for all the lessons and advice that you gave me during our fun-filled yet disciplined classes. Thank you for taking me through all the competencies carefully.
    Charles is flexible, supportive. I would recommend Charles and Alpha Pro to anyone who asks about driving lessons.

  8. I had driving lessons with Charles and I found them very good. He was friendly to talk to and gave useful driving advice. It was easy to arrange lessons. As I had already been driving for a while I was trying to obtain my license as quickly as possible and he helped me achieve it in about two weeks. Doing the log book with him was also very affordable compared with other driving schools in Canberra. I would definitely recommend driving lessons with Alpha Pro driving school.

  9. I was very happy with Alpha Pro. I had zero driving experience before starting my lessons with Alph Pro and I did all my lessons in a manual car with John and Charles. I had a great experience with both; they were patient, friendly and encouraging. Both John and Charles were relaxed and genuine in wanting to deliver a good learning experience and creating safe and competent drivers. They were not stingy in terms of lesson times. I would definitely recommend doing you driving lessons with Alpha Pro!

  10. Shout out to John – an incredible driving instructor who without a doubt taught me very well. As an inexperienced driver with manual cars, I felt very nervous starting off my lessons, but John built up my confidence to become a competent and confident driver. He’s straightforward, experienced, and goes through everything in an easy-to-follow way. A lot of laughs and jokes were shared along the driving journey which was great too!

    I definitely had a blast learning how to drive, especially with John’s fun yet disciplined lessons. Thank you Alpha Pro and especially John for being without a doubt very reliable and experienced. You have been an important part of an important event in my life.

    I highly recommend Alpha Pro to anybody who is wanting to learn how to drive 🙂

  11. I am writing to express my appreciation towards my driving instructor, John Bower. After the previous unpleasant encounter with another company, my phone call to and subsequent driving lessons with John has been a great turnaround.

    John made my learning and driving experience substantially more productive and enjoyable. Throughout every lesson, John gave me clear and concise instructions, and showed considerable interest in my learning progress. He placed emphasis not only on the essential and correct driving skills, but also taught me how and where to take caution, which built my awareness and confidence in driving on the road.

    I found John to be very polite, positive, patient and punctual. Conversing with him has always been a pleasure. Thanks to his efforts, I was able to quickly (12-13 lessons, spread across 2 months) obtain my P’s after putting off driving lessons for a long time.

    I offer my sincere recommendation of John to potential drivers and parents who are seeking a professional, responsible, reliable, and trustworthy driving instructor.

    King Regards

  12. Charles was an excellent instructor and helped me improve my driving skills. He is very experienced, trustworthy and friendly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Many thanks Charles.

  13. Charles is an amazing instructor. I recently completed my log book with him. Charles took me through all competencies carefully and shared some tips and techniques during each class which really helped improve my driving and made me a confident driver. He is so patient, supportive and friendly. I used to look forward to every lesson.
    I have and will continue to highly recommend Charles and AlphaPro Driving School to anyone who are learning to drive!

  14. John was super helpful and gave informative instructions. I changed to alphapro after having issues with 5th gear (wanted 12 lessons before even seeing me drive) definitely suggest them to people looking for great help driving expertise.

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