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Chan & Ho Associates Driving School Sydney

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Brief Introduction

Our accredited Keys2drive driving instructor Sydney more than happy extend our service area radius from 25kms to 50kms around Burwood 2134 NSW if you wanted us to deliver this great free safety lesson.

·City Areas : Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs.

· Inner West : Ashfield, Bankstown, Burwood, Campsie, Croydon, Croydon park, Five Dock, Haberfield, Lidcombe, Merrylands, Mount Druitt, Parramatta, Rooty Hill, Silverwater and Strathfield.

·Eastern Suburb: Alexandria, Bondi, Botany, Green Squares, Kingsford, Mascot and Rosebery.

·South District: Beverly Hills, Earlwood, Hurstville, Kogarah, Marrickville, Padstow and Rockdale.

· North District: Chatswood, Eastwood, Epping, Hornsby, Mosman, North Sydney and Ryde.

·Apart from above listed, including any Suburbs within 50KM radius from Burwood, NSW 2134.

·Pick up and drop off at your desirable location if possible.
About Us:Who are we?
RMS (formerly the RTA) fully accredited and registered class C-Car driving instructor. Our driving school Sydney was registered with RMS NSW and based in Inner West of Sydney, Australia. Our driving academic Five Dock and driving instructor Ashfield conducted a lot of driver training in Sydney: Ashfield, Beverly Hills, Botany, Campsie, Chatswood, Eastwood, Five Dock, Hornsby, Merrylands, Padstow, Parramatta, Ryde, Rooty Hill, Seven Hills, Silverwater, Strathfield and other Sydney suburbs.

We are member of ADTA, AAA and keys2drive accredited, certified and practicing driving instructor. Conduct one hour free driving lesson of keys2drive road safety program, which funded by Australian Federal Government

Only teach class C – car driving with automatic transmission at the moment. Car driving tuition for all ages who are permitted to drive or learn to drive in NSW Australia. Also for international licence holder needs to convert to NSW driver’s licence or current valid car driving licence holder wanted to refresh; sharpen their driving techniques.

School car is the late model, which was fully insured and fitted with dual control and air-conditioned. Driving school provides friendly, patient, high quality one to one in-car driving tuition; driver training classes throughout the metropolitan area of Sydney region and its surrounding suburbs. Read more about our driving school Sydney service areas ?……

We are not the best nor the worst driver training school; driving instructor in Sydney which provide professional driver coaching, learner drivers education and auto car driving lessons in Five dock, Ashfield and Sydney.

Our school of driving Sydney opening hours: 7 days a week from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Without any surcharge when conduct / coaching driving lessons on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Our high quality affordable but not cheap driving lessons Sydney involve theoretical and practical coaching. Which are intended to provide valued learner drivers with the required basic on-road driving skills, practical driving competencies, knowledge’s of traffic laws, road rules, traffic signs and regulations.

Our driving school Sydney offer / coaching structural lesson plans,
1 hour = 3 log book hours for learner drivers under 25 of age.

Affordable Driver Education Services; driver training / coaching also covers low-risk driving, useful tips and safety practices of effective driving in various times, road and weather conditions.

Different learner drivers may not have the same driving learning curve. We made to measure various driver tuition & programs to suit learner driver’s individual needs and their abilities of learn to drive. If you are a nervous driver, we have various coaching techniques to resolve this and build up your confidence driving on road.

Our driving lessons; coaching fee is not the cheapest rate in Sydney or the expensive prices; charges in Sydney, Australia. Affordable driving lessons, learning fee starts from Aus$55 per hour. Please be informed that we only accept cash payment. Learner driver tuitions pricing & packages listed as follows for your reference:

If you not hire our school car for class C – Car driving test:

Casual lesson learning fee – Aus $55.00 per hour;
5-hours Prepay lesson fee – Aus $265.00;
10-hours Prepay lesson fee – Aus $525.00

If you hire our school car for class C – Car driving test:

5 hours pre-pay package : Aus $385.00 ;
10 hours pre-pay package : Aus $645.00

Re-attempt driving test pre-pay packages:

5 hours Aus $275.00
10 hours Aus $550.00

Our goal is become one of the leading driving schools in Sydney; we hope that in the near future able to be named in the award winning driving learning schools list. We definitely enjoy coaching driving aim at job satisfaction and promote road safety.

Our driving school Sydney cannot promise “ First time class C- driving test pass guaranteed “ But we do encourage and reward each of our valued learner drivers pass their driving test as soon as they become practical driving competencies.

Please also take time to read about the “ Chan & Ho Associates driving test encourages and reward program “ and it’s definitions of rewards.


Contact Number:0402 402 861


Suburbs Covered

Driving tuitions services areas covered within 50 kms radius around Burwood 2134 NSW. We offer pick up and drop off services for each driver training; coaching lesson if possible.


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4 Responses to Chan & Ho Associates Driving School Sydney

  1. Mr. Chan is a perceptive and kind instructor who always tells me to treat his car like my family car. He is considerate and takes in my needs properly; he is happy to design a structured lesson plan but will ask me if I am happy with the agenda on the day.

    Mr. Chan is very friendly and easy to talk to.

    Prices are very reasonable for such an attentive and comfortable learning experience!!

    I highly recommend his guidance for driving lessons.


  2. 我本身已有車牌,但多年沒有駕駛,絕對不敢一個人駕車,而且對自己亦沒有信心。幸好找來陳師傅幫我補鐘。由於本身駕駛經驗很淺而且領悟性不高,我本人比較害怕惡及嚴肅的教車師傅。陳師傅着重細節,用心教學,他會因材施教,有多種方法讓學生達到其學習目的。他會先了解我的駕駛技術問題,然後逐一跟我練習,從來都沒有介意我學習緩慢。其間亦傳授很多心得給我。而且態度認真細心,耐心解釋及分析交通情況。我有不明白的地方他會用心解答直至我明白。所以跟他學車補鐘之後我有充足的信心一個人駕駛!謝謝你,陳師傅!
    I already own the driver license, but I didn’t driver for many years. Therefore, I do not have confidence to drive by myself. I am afraid of instructors get angry or shout at me. Fortunately, I found Master Chen and he was very patient and informative. Master Chen focused on the details. He provided the customized lessons for each student. He believed there are many ways for students to achieve their learning objectives. He will understand my driving problems, and then solve them one by one. Meanwhile, he also shares lots of experience with me in different traffic situations. After learn driving with him, I have plenty of confidence driving by myself! Thank you, Master Chen!

  3. I am a Provisional driving license holder, and aim at refreshing my driving skills (I don’t drive much since having passed Driving test). I found the 10 hours training courses provided by Mr. Chen very useful. his tailored-made courses is problem-focused, training me to overcome my weakest part in driving and hence building up more confidence with handling different traffic conditions. Mr. Chan is also highly driving safety conscious, who keeps alerting me road safety while I am refreshing my driving skills.

  4. I have found Mr. Chan to be an excellent teacher. He knows his trade and is very professional. I found I could respect Mr. Chan and his teaching methods and I am generally not an easy person to win over. I found that he has many different methods to teach different aspects of driving and he will keep trying different methods until you find the way that works for you. He has a lot of technique to pass on and I found his discussion of reference points, for example, very useful in learning the practical technique of doing certain maneuvers. However, this mastery of technique and the ability to find a way to make it clear to the student is not Mr. Chan’s only skill. He understands that a student must find his own particular way and I think that it is this finding of one’s own way of doing something that really makes the learning stick and allows the marriage of theory and practice that results in being able to drive well and safely.
    I found while learning with Mr. Chan that I wanted to understand the theory and the explanation of technique but that I also needed to ‘feel’ the right way of doing something and Mr. Chan gave me the space to do this. For example, when doing the kerbside stop I found that I could quickly judge the correct way of doing it and this was more due to feeling than a mastery of technical skill. On the other hand I needed to think hard about how to do reverse parking and do it many times before I started to get the idea. Mr. Chan was able to see this and teach accordingly.
    Also, I’ve found Mr. Chan to be very understanding, reasonable and patient and I must say, I am quite fussy, having been a teacher myself, but I found I could respect Mr. Chan’s method and I always found his opinion of my level of ability to be accurate.
    I’d happily recommend Mr. Chan to anyone seeking to learn to drive or improve their skills.

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