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RACV Driving School Reviews ❤️

This page reviews RACV Driving School and their driving lessons. You will get most independent reviews and ratings for RACV driving school. The information is coming from the driving school website or other resource. The information is subject to change on an irregular basis due to RACV Driving School can change their website without telling us.

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About Us

The RACV Drive school program is designed to promote safe and confident drivers. Our accredited instructors provide individually tailored lessons to meet your driving goals.

Our instructors are accredited to deliver a free one hour driving lesson through the Keys2Drive program.

RACV driving instructors can travel to you across the whole of metropolitan Melbourne and some regional areas, including Bairnsdale, Ballarat, Bellarine Peninsula, Bendigo, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Wodonga, Warragul, Traralgon and Tallangatta.

Contact Us

Phone:1300 788 229


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Rating: 3.1/5 (65 votes cast)
RACV Driving School Reviews ❤️, 3.1 out of 5 based on 65 ratings

22 Responses to RACV Driving School Reviews ❤️

  1. I switched over to RACV after having a horrible experience with another (cheap)school. The other schools instructor merely barked instructions to me and i was told to follow the instructions as quickly as possible (Manual car), and she used the dual control pedals on her own side to do the majority of the driving, always constantly reaching over to take control of the steering wheel and let me learn nothing for myself except that i seemed to suck at driving.

    RACV’s instructor was much more friendly, and his teaching style was much better. Racv’s instructor took the time to explain to me all the knowledge i needed to know, such as at what speeds i needed to change gear and constantly made me think for myself by asking questions such as “What’s the speed limit for this zone” or drawing my attention to vital things with questions like “What sign is that up ahead?”
    I learnt more in one lesson with RACV than i had in 5 lessons with the other school. I am now driving for myself without needing to be told when to shift gears or when i need to slowdown/speedup.

    5 lessons down the line with RACV and I’m now able to drive my family’s manual car without stalling, able to move up hills without rolling backwards and am feeling very confidant behind the wheel.

    Overall, doing multiple lessons with a cheap school will cost you more than doing a single lesson with a school like RACV.

      • I didn’t want to leave bad names for other schools, but i originally contacted VIP Driving School because they offered a $30 45 minute first lesson if i booked online. The price was a sham by the way, you would pay $30 for the first lesson and if you wanted to buy the 5x 45 minute lesson pack for $165 after the first lesson, they charged an extra $135 (135+30 = $165)and only give you an additional 4 lessons (the first one + 4 lessons after)

        I wrote a negative review about that school, about the instructor not contacting me until 3 hours after the first lesson was meant to begin. All she did was tell me when to do everything and the pedals below my feet had a mind of their own, sometimes i wouldn’t even have time to put my left foot on the clutch pedal before she had already changed the gear for me.

        After 5 lessons with that instructor i was extremely angry, and i honestly felt cheated out of my money, especially the whole sham about the first $30 lesson.

        My current instructor is Rudi from RACV, highly recommended if you want to go manual. He’s never been late so far, i think he parks outside the front of each student’s house 10 minutes early and spends the time answering missed phone calls and answering student text messages(he never answers a call mid lesson, of course). Also RACV takes paypal and credit cards online, much safer than carrying cash into a stranger’s car.

        As a public service announcement i should leave a reply to my first review on VIP’s driving site about their $30 lesson sham.

        • The one I had a bad experience with is with Skillz2Drive.

          Absolutely horrible.

          She was like the instructor from hell. I do not even want to relive the moments with the instructor at Skillz2Drive. Firstly Skillz2Drive are not upfront about their policies and I absolutely do not recommend them.

          Scarred me and left me extremely angry as well and I too, felt cheated of my money as I was not getting the most out of the lesson.

          Please just do yourself a favour (to those reading this) and take your business elsewhere.

  2. I took driving lessons with RACV. I couldn’t be more satisfied. My instructor Adrian was patient and very skilled. With only a few lessons, I was able to successfully reach a good level and get my license. I greatly recommend him. Thanks again Adrian.

  3. No doubt RACV is the best. I got an instructor near springvale. He was the best. Its true that its bit cost. but worth it. My instructor was the best. He was Marcel. He taught me everything very clearly. I started from the beginning not knowing how to start a car. Within four months I got the licence. If you want licence without hassels go to RACV. 🙂 Yay

  4. Can any recommend an instructor in the inner North, Thornbury, Coburg, Northcote, Preston area? Need someone who is super patient with a calm teaching style

  5. Getting lessons with RACV was the best decision I made, I had a great instructor named Ash Zaki was very professional and knowledgeable he does lessons in the Broadmeadows area, I passed on the first go. If anyone wants a good instructor I recommended you get lessons with RACV and with Ash if you need someone in that area.

  6. I had a very good experience with RACV driving dchool. Ken Trin was a very knowledgeable instructor and made me have a very fun experience learning with a manual transmission. His technique was very philosophical and there was no bordem. Thanks to Ken, I was able to be successful in the drive test. I would highly recommend RACV drive school to anyone who wants to feel comfortable when driving.

  7. Passed my manual drive test first go. Thanks ken Trin for all his experience and instruction and his long term affiliation with vic roads testing officers made the whole drive as smooth as possible. Would highly recommend for lessons. I rate five out of five. Thanks ken

  8. Thanks Ken, passed the test first time with your help. Good technical instructions on how to approach driving which helped me pass the test on my first go.

  9. Had an instructor named Ken. He was quite sinister – bursted out laughing when I made mistakes on the actual test. I really felt like he wanted me to fail. My guess is that he was bitter about me not paying a cancellation fee because he did not notify me in the beginning.

  10. The best in the west. I had Ken as my first instructor the whole way not only did he teach me how to pass my test, he did not spoonfeed me answers, but made me think of every logical reason and turns out I answered my own questions, he also made sure I get the right assignments to pass my test.

    I started from scratch not knowing how to steer, his technique made my reaction go wow, his philosophy is insprational, he is like Bruce Lee in the driving industry. Parking was magical, he uses simple mathematical techniques and was very strategical.

    I ended up passing my test on the first go. Thanks to his affiliation with testers which controlled my nerves.

  11. Just passed my drive test today in Carlton on my first go. I highly recommend Adrain if anyone needs an instructor around the same area. Teaching style is great- learn as you go.

  12. Passed my driving test in Carlton on the first try. Thanks to my RACV driving instructor Adrian – he is truly professional, very thorough and absolutely great to communicate with! He understood exactly what I needed: skillfully helped me to overcome my fears in the beginning, then was gradually and patiently leading me through all the nuances and pitfalls of the traffic and potential test routes.
    Also would like to mention that Adrian has a real talent not only to teach, but also to create a friendly and encouraging atmosphere in the process. I used to eagerly wait for our every lesson!
    Highly recommend him!

  13. I highly recommend Rudy, he was patient, very skilled and friendly. I was able to successfully reach a good level of competence after not driving a manual car for a few months and never experiencing driving in the city. He was super supportive when I would get nervous and he seemed genuinely interested in my life, which is nice when you are spending so many hours together.

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