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Cheapest Sydney Driving Lessons Compare

This list will save you a lot of work finding the cheapest driving lesson and best driving schools in Sydney, NSW. The information is subject to driving schools’ change. Lowest price is as of the time we visit their websites. We will endeavor to make sure the information is up to date. Driving schools are welcome to contact us if any information in the list is incorrect.


Prices could be in random order, please click the table header to sort the list!
* indicates the price is calculated based on cost per minute due to driving school doesn’t provide cost per hour.

Note: price is not the only factor when choosing driving school. You need to consider their quality as well. You need to look at how much it costs you to get your driving licence as a whole. This post will give you some inside tips.

School Name60 mins90 mins2hrspackage discountReviews
LTrent Driving School90n/an/ayesreviews
Practice Driving School45n/an/ayesreviews
HK Driving School48n/an/ayesreviews
Sydney Asia Driving School48n/an/ayesreviews
Galaxy Driving School49.5*n/a99yesreviews
Mirage Driving School50n/a95yes
Bayleys Driving School65n/an/ayesreviews
L Safe Driving School50n/a95yesreviews
Marieles Driving School50n/a99yes
AMS Driving School5580100yesreviews
Chan & Ho Associates Driving School Sydney55n/an/ayesreviews
D-Tech Driver Training5075100yesreviews
Prestige Driving School60n/an/ayesreviews
Auto Gear Driving School55n/an/ayesreviews
Owjan Driving School50n/a95yesreviews
Onroad Driving School54*n/an/ayesreviews
Driving Instructor David Smith547799yesreviews
PB Driving School55n/a99yes
AAKAR Driving School65n/an/ayes
Master L Driving School50n/a90yes
A-Breeze Driving School6080110yesreviews
Driving Plus6290116yes
Infinity Driving School60n/an/ayesreviews
A Auto Julia’s Driving School
Drive Zone65n/an/ayes
Sydney South Driving School60n/a120yes
Sydney Metro Driving School6086110yesreviews
Defence Driving School60n/an/ayes
Avoca Driving School65n/an/ayes
A-Vision Driving School6595124yes
NRMA Driving School6597n/an/areviews
Peter's Driving School68n/an/ayes
Accelerate School of Motoring70n/an/ayesreviews
Apia Driving School68n/an/ayesreviews
341 Driving School70n/an/ayes
Excel Drive70n/an/ayes
Marou Driving School4560n/ayesreviews

How much driving lessons costs in Sydney

Based on our research, driving lessons cost from $45 to $90 per hour in Sydney. You will get discount if you pay for a package. Bear in mind, price per hour is only of the many factors when choosing a driving school. The total cost will come down to how many lessons are required with a driving instructor.

How to get driver’s license in NSW

NSW has a Graduated Licensing Scheme that involves three licensing stages and takes a minimum of three years to complete.

From age 16 you are eligible to commence the process by attempting a 45-question, multiple-choice Driver Knowledge Test that assesses road safety and low-risk driving. Passing provides a learner licence valid for 5 years.

People under 25 must hold this license for at least 12 months and record 120 supervised driving hours. People over 25 can progress when they feel ready. When eligible, learner drivers must pass a practical driving test to ensure they can drive independently. Passing provides a provisional P1 license valid for 18 months.

After 12 months you can attempt the Hazard Perception Test. Passing provides a provisional P2 license valid for 30 months.

After 24 months you will be eligible to sit the Driver Qualification Test to get a full license. This test is an advanced version of both the Driver Knowledge Test and Hazard Perception Test. Passing provides a full licence valid for 1, 3, 5 or 10 years.

For more information on each licensing stage and resources to help you pass each test – visit

Useful links for learners

  • RTA
    For more information on driving tests and bookings, visit Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW.
    If you’re a young driver, visit GEARED to find out everything you need to know about getting and keeping your licence.