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About Us

The aim of Trent Driving School is to teach our students safely and correctly so they become skilled drivers on the road, drive with confidence, and armed to survive on the roads.

Many people learn how to drive with the sole purpose of passing the driving test. The statistics show that this is not a proper way of measuring how safe a new solo driver is.
There are some detrimental consequences.

We provide solutions for this problem:
The Trent Method

  •  Trent goes beyond the normal driver instructors and genuinely produces safer drivers on the road through their very own teaching methods.
  •  Driving is made easy by learning with Trent.
  •  A driving program you can trust, it has been developed from 50 years in business.
  • At the each driving session, you will be able to do more than when you first started.

Trent Specialist Trainers

  • · Trent instructors are the most qualified in the industry.
  • · Trent trains driver trainers in the industry
  • · Trent instructors build the confidence of students so they will pass first go and never crash a solo driver.

Trent Service and Support

  • Trent students experience the best service and support in the industry.
  •  Customer service representatives that help you with ANYTHING.
  •  Easy online or phone bookings.
  •  Newest fleet of cars in the industry.
  •  Clean and modern on the road classroom.
  • Trent has more lessons in more areas, and supplies both automatic and manual.

Contact Us

Address:28/8 Avenue Of The Americas Newington NSW 2127
Phone:(02) 8748 4500


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Rating: 3.5/5 (35 votes cast)
LTrent Driving School Reviews, 3.5 out of 5 based on 35 ratings

4 Responses to LTrent Driving School Reviews

  1. @dsguide I use L-Trent. They’re very good, my instructor is friendly and professional. Am near Eastlakes Sydney. 🙂

  2. I used l Trent for my driving lessons and they were great.i passed my test first go with no problems.
    I put this down to my instructor Arvin Rubbi
    She was extremely thorough and prepared me to such a degree it would have been difficult for me to fail.
    Considering my fear and trepidation regarding driving I am very pleased with the service l Trent provides to first time drivers
    Thanks again Arvin
    I couldn’t have done it without you

  3. I used L-Trent as my driving school and passed first time. My instructor,John, was fantastic especially since I was learning in a manual. He was always calm and gave me feedback of how to improve as we were going along and at the end of each lesson. He even let me book a lesson with him on the day of my test even though it was his day off, and was overall a very supportive instructor. Without these lessons I definitely wouldn’t be as confident driving. @LTrentDriving

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