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Welcome to Driving Shool Guide ! Your best online guide for finding Best Driving Schools and Cheap Driving Lessons . What this website can do for you: 1.Find all cheap driving lessons in Australia 2.Review driving schools 3. Pass driving test with flying color.

Cheapest Driving Lessons in Australia

This list will save you a lot of work finding cheapest driving schools in Australia. All the information are coming from driving schools’ website.The information is subject to driving schools’ change. Lowest price is as of the time we visit their websites. We will endeavor to make sure the information is up to date. Driving schools are welcome to contact us if any information in the list is incorrect. We will update it as soon as possible.

School NameCity and StateCost Per HourPackage Disocunt
Moto OZ Driving SchoolMelbourne, VIC43Yes
Practice Driving SchoolSydney, NSW40Yes
Apple Driving SchoolBrisbane, QLD50Yes
Zipper's Driving SchoolDarwin, NT70N/A
Hobart Driving SchoolHobart,TAS55Yes
Safeway Driving SchoolCanberra,ACT60N/A
PK Driving SchoolPerth,WA40Yes
Instinctive DrivingAdelaide,SA65yes

To see the complete list of cheapest driving lessons by state, click one of the followings: NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, SA, NT, WA, TAS .

How to find cheapest  driving lessons and best driving schools?

When it comes to price, we have made your life easier by compiling the list of driving schools and their lessons’ price in your state. You simply click the table header if they are not in order. Some driving schools provide very confusing quotes based on 45 minutes, 50 minutes, 90 minutes etc. To compare apple to apple you better use hourly rate. If a driving school don’t provide the hourly rate, we calculate it based on cost per minute for you. Another thing you need to ask if instructors charge extra on public holidays. Check this for your state’s public holidays.

Most schools provide package lessons deal and you have to pay in advanced to get discount. It is great way to save money. But how do you know they are the right school you after. So I recommend you have a first lesson with them see if you are comfortable with them. A lot of schools provide very cheap first lesson and even free lesson if they are part of the government Key2Drive program.

Nobody like yelling driving instructors but also be careful of the “super nice” and “super patient” driving instructors as well. Remember time is money, the longer you are with them, the more you pay. I suggest you do some home work yourself to get some basic driving skills and theories by watching video, asking friends and families for help  so when you are doing practical driving lessons you pick up the skills quickly.

On the other hand, to find a good driving school you can use our driving school reviews for individual driving school.We spend a lot of time to do survey by asking people around for options and also the website visitors contribute the reviews and ratings as well.

It is also important that you choose a driving school which has proper official documents and license for giving driving lessons.

  • Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor’s License (MVDIL)
  • National Road Transport Certificate III and IV
  • A working with children card.
  • Police Clearance.

For more tips for choosing driving instructors and doing driving lessons, this post might be helpful.

How much it costs to get a driver license?

It really depends on individuals. For someone is new to driving, average training hours required are 15-20 hours. The average cost for an hour driving lesson is about $60. So the investment will be $900-$1200 just on practical training alone not considering the testing fee. It is a lot of money for someone not having full time job. That’s why as I mentioned earlier, you better have a lot of practice with friends and families before seeing your instructor in a safe area. On the other hand, manual driving lessons are harder and take longer,so they are normally more expensive, but they provide benefits over auto driving lessons.

Should I do log book or on road driving test?

This is a commonly asked question. They suit different people in different circumstances. Log book is a no pressure system. You pass each individual item at your own pace with your driving instructor. It is good for someone can not hold the nerve during the driving test. The downside of it is it takes more time and money.

On the flip of the coin is on road driving test. Once you have learned all the driving skills and confident to do the on road test. You have to pass all the items to get a license. If you don’t pass you have to pay the fee and do it again. It saves time and money if you can pass the test quickly. In my case, I am kind of person cannot handle stress well, so I went for log book even I already know how to drive beforehand.It costed more money but I know eventually I will pass everything and get a liscense.

 What I will learn from driving lessons?

Different states may have different requirements for the driving skills to cover. But overall the principals  are the same. Here is the brief summary of what you need to learn:

1. Basic Driving Procedures

  • What’s under the bonnet
  • How to set up the driving seat safely
  • How to turn corners properly

2. Basic Road Skills

  • Turning at traffic lights
  • Turning at roundabouts
  • Road Craft skills

3. Traffic Management Skills

  • How to negotiate heavy traffic conditions

4. Basic Manouering and point turns

  • U-Turns
  • parking skills

5. Explanation of car controls & Starting procedure.
6. Observation skills, different Steering Techniques for different turns. You don’t take a tight corner the same as a faster bend.
7. Using the brake, accelerator & clutch/gears correctly.
8. Negotiating Roundabouts & Traffic light intersections.
9. Lane changing & merging, thinking ahead.
10. Defensive driving techniques & how to prevent being involved in an accident.
11. Parking & test routes & procedures.