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Safeway Driving School Reviews

This page reviews Safeway Driving School and their driving lessons. The information is coming from the driving school website or other resource. The information is subject to change on an irregular basis due to Safeway Driving School can change their website without telling us.

For anyone has done any driving lessons with this driving school, please give it a rating and leave comment. That will help a lot for other people looking for a quality driving school.

For the driving school, if you want to modify the information provided here, please contact us and we will change it as soon as possible.

About Us

Safeway Driving School canberra is a locally owned business which has operated in Canberra in the past 5 years. Our driving instructors aim is to provide you safe driving lessons, cheaper driving lessons, intensive driving lessons, defensive driving lessons, free driving lesson, free driving classes, canberra  best driving lesson, and teach you the ABC of driving.

Safeway Driving School comprises of experienced and patient driving instructors for your peace of mind. Each of our instructors have a minimum of fifteen years of driving history. Our instructors are available day or night, weekdays and weekends to suit your busy schedule, in order to provide you with a wider spectrum of driving experiences on the road.

If you are interested in doing government test, our high quality driver instructors will get you ready for your driving test, and you will get your driving license on your first driving test, other wise, we will provide your driving lesson for free till you get your driving licence.


Contact Us

Mobile:0404 047 005


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Rating: 2.8/5 (21 votes cast)
Safeway Driving School Reviews, 2.8 out of 5 based on 21 ratings

8 Responses to Safeway Driving School Reviews

  1. Definitely stay away from this driving school!! George is the driving instructor (middle eastern appearance) and is EXTREMELY unprofessional. He will take weeks to book in a lesson even though this is not a high damanded driving school. He will not look at the road when you are in your lesson he will just sit on his phone texting the ENTIRE time. He will not talk about any related subjects regarding your driving..instead he will just gossip about his wife and in-laws. He will double charge and fault you on any tiny fault just to make some more money from you. He swears and talks about sexual topics. This driving school is definitely the most unprofessional and disgusting school i have EVER come accross!!! Do not send your child to this driving school! Steer very clear from this school! Cheap, nasty and sleazy!!!

  2. I found Safeway dinging school very professional, good instructor, good prices polite instructor, I recommend Safeway driving school.

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