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Manual Driving Lessons

Cheap Manual Driving Lessons Compare

This list¬† will save you a lot of work finding driving schools to provide manual driving lessons. The information is subject to driving schools’ change. Lowest price is as of the time we visit their websites. We will endeavor to make sure the information is up to date. Driving schools are welcome to contact us if any information in the list is incorrect.

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Prices could be in random order, please click table header to sort the list! To compare apple to apple, we use hourly rate. If the schools do not provide hourly rate, we calculate the rate based on their quotes.

StateDriving SchoolHourly RateReviews
ACTNational Driving Academy$78.00
ACTJus Driving School$70.00
NSWNRMA Safer Driving School$65.00
NSWSafe Driving School$65.00
NSWAutobahn Driving School$65.00
NSWBelgica Driving School$65.00
NSWPB Pro Northern Districts$65.00
NSWFormula Driving School$70.00
NSWA-Vision Driving School$65.00
NSWApia Driving School$68.00
NSWTrent Driving School$85.00
NSWFrom L to P Driving Schoo$70.00
NSWMick's Motoring$60.00
NSWMr & Mrs L Driving School$60.00
NSWTeresa's Driving School$55.00
NSWmotoRon Driving School$70.00
NSWEddy's Driving School$55.00
NSWDalton Driving School$70.00
NSWAwesome Driving School / $55.00
NSWCoasties Driving School$50.00
NSWTerrigal Driving School$55.00
NSWTotal Control Driving Sch$75.00
NSWHighlands Drive Safe$55.00
NTZipper's Driving School$70.00
QLDChevron Driving School$60.00
QLDLearners Driver Training$65.00
QLDAllistair Windleburn$50.00
QLDPedals Driving School$60.00
QLDGraduate School of Motoring$70.00
QLDAPT Driver Training$55.00
QLDEasyAs Driver Training Au$65.00
QLDEatons A1 Driving School$55.00
QLDChill Driving School$50.00
QLDCoastwide Driver Training$55.00
QLDBorn to Drive$55.00
QLDEatons A1 Driving School$55.00
QLDNorthside Driver Training$65.00
QLDAll Star Driver Training$55.00
QLDCJA Driver Training$55.00
QLDEasy P's$60.00
QLDCountry 2 Coast Driver Tr$66.00
QLDDrive Safe CQ$70.00
QLDA1+ Driving School$55.00
QLDSouthport Driving School$55.00
QLDNice Wheels Driver Traini$55.00
QLDScott's Driver Training$45.00
QLDApple Driver Training$50.00
QLDAAA School of Motoring$50.00
QLDKey Driving School$65.00
QLDPrince Driving School$65.00
QLDBrizwest Driving School$60.00
QLDEmmaus Driver Training$60.00
QLDU Can Drive$60.00
QLDLearn and Pass Driving Sc$60.00
QLDIsaac Prince Driving Scho$49.00
SAMr Instructor Driving Sch$60.00
TASRACT Driver Training$78.00
VICAust Asian Driving School$65.00
VICAdvance from L to P Drivi$50.00
VICSmile Drive Lessons$60.00
VICDriving Zone$55.00
VICL2Licence Fast Track$50.00
VICRACV Drive School$65.00
VICStarting Point Drive Scho$50.00
VICVan.N Driving School$60.00
VICGATR driving School$65.00
VICSafety Is the Key Driving$60.00
VICLearn2Drive Driving Schoo$65.00
VICDrive Geelong$60.00
VICAndrea's A.C.E. Driving A$60.00
VICBuzz Box Driving School$50.00
VICCK's Driving School$60.00
VICBass Coast Driving School$65.00
WABest West Driving School$60.00
WAOcean Keys Driving School$60.00
WALearn Right Driver Traini$60.00
WASafe2Pass Driving School$55.00
WASue's Driving School$60.00
WASouthern Cross Driving Sc$60.00reviews
WAAll Zones Driving School$55.00
WAAAAGerard Driving School$60.00
WAAd Astra Driving School$55.00
WAAbility Drive Tuition$70.00
WACompass Driving School$65.00
WANorth Perth Driving Schoo$55.00
WASumit Driving Academy$60.00
WADrivers Edge Driving Scho$60.00

Manual or Automatic driving lessons?

A lot of learners wonder if they should go for manual or auto lesson. While majority people will go for automatic lessons since it is easier to learn. But in some cases you better go for manual lessons. There are many reasons for that. In some states like VIC and NSW, you are not allowed to drive manual cars if you get your license by learning automatic cars. If you can drive manual cars, you have more opportunities at work. If you are offered a manual car at work and you did manual driving lessons, you can use the car straight away. On the other hand, it is more fun to drive a manual car by changing gear etc. Some people say manual car can save more patrol, but with today’s technology, there is not much difference in this prospect. However it is always cheaper to buy a manual car than auto.