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Darshan Driving School Reviews

This page reviews Darshan Driving School and their driving lessons. You will get most independent reviews and ratings for Darshan Driving School. The information is coming from the driving school website or other resource. The information is subject to change on an irregular basis due to Dashan Driving school can change their website without telling us.

For anyone has done any driving lessons with this driving school, please give it a rating and leave comment. That will help a lot for other people looking for a quality driving school.

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About Us

Darshan driving School Melbourne is a very respectable driver training organization. We have many licensed and safe driving instructors in Melbourne. Get the best driving lessons from Melbourne’s best driving instructors at Darshan driving School. Our driving school is committed to provide the best driving lessons and take pride in ensuring that you are equipped with the tools necessary to stay safe on the road.Our driving school’s mission is to provide the best of driving lessons to our clients.

Our driving instructors not only provide driving lessons and prepare students to pass the driving test, we actually show the students inside out of the vehicle, teach them effective collision avoidance techniques.

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Darshan Driving School Reviews, 1.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

3 Responses to Darshan Driving School Reviews

  1. I called darshan drving school as I needed an instructor to accompany for the driving test. They gave me a lady called Sunitha. First she came 15 mins late and then she came in a different car from what was promised. I had never driven that car before. She was fidgety and kept mumbling to herself in her language which was so distracting.

    Unfortunately my test couldn’t be held as they said that my hazard perception had expired. She still charged me full and demanded the money while we were still at vic roads centre.
    When I booked her, i told the lady who does the bookings as well the person who confirms the bookings that I have to pick my son from his child care on the way back. My husband had already left child seat there but Ms Sunitha still threw a fit about it saying she will not drop me home or pick my son.
    I don’t know about all the instructors of the school but I still wouldn’t recommend Ms Sunitha to anybody.

    • Hi Neha
      I have spoken to you on the same day and i have explained the things to you clearly that we are not taxi who provides pick up and drop.But anyway my instructor has dropped you back after picking up your son from child care, moreover you have not taken any lessons before with my instructor and also it is your responsibility to check whether your hazard perception is expired or not. We charge for the time spent on the driving test day.
      It would have been better if you have taken couple of lessons before hand to make yourself comfortable in a new car which you have not driven before.
      As per my instructors suggestion we came to know that you are not well ready for the driving test to get Victorian Driving Licence and should get more experience in driving on roads to get the licence and drive safely

  2. I would not recommend the driving school to anyone especially the instructor called Sunita. She is hopeless. It is no value for money. They take u for test even wen u r not ready and charge a great deal of money. Sunita’s English is pathetic and cannot understand whatever little road rules she explains. Does not make up for the time if she is late but charges full money. Complete rip off. Pass rate is very low with this lady. Only join this class if u have lot of money to waste

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