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HK Driving School Reviews

This page reviews HK Driving school and their driving lessons. You will get most independent reviews and ratings for HK Driving School. The information is coming from the driving school website or other resource. The information is subject to change on an irregular basis due to HK Driving School can change their website without telling us.

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About Us

We are one of the leading driving school established since 1987. We specialist in driving test courses in Sydney metropolitan area. For many occupations and leisure pursuits, the ability to drive and valid essential, we specialize in the most effective method of enabling people to pass the test and get their license within the shortest time as possible.

Specialized in the sydney, maroubra and botany testing area. And have instructors who speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

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Address: 2nd Floor 422 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02)9281 2000


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HK Driving School Reviews, 2.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

One Response to HK Driving School Reviews


    HK Driving School assigned an incompetent, impatient, frustrated and abusive instructor named Kevin Chow to me. I paid for 10 hrs sessions and RMS test in advance which essentially had me locked in with the above mentioned Psycho.

    From day one it was hard for me to get along with him but I remained composed and focused on my test. I paid him for another 8 hrs sessions. I can’t remember one good quality of Kevin Chow as an instructor or a person, so here are the most awful ones:
    1. Clumsy English – His heavy accent makes him almost incomprehensible. He is incapable of delivering instructions clearly in an unambiguous manner.
    2. Short tempered – He gets angry over literally everything. Be ready to be yelled at if you slowed down a bit, did not remember to do head check, forgot to turn off the indicator or just got confused at a turning. Isn’t he paid to train a student to get better at these after all?
    3. Abusive – Very often his anger leads him to become abusive. He takes your minor errors as an offense to his authority and starts to scream. In the meantime he would keep chanting “relax…relax”. That’s the best English phrase he can pronounce properly. How dreadful.
    4. Impatient and incompetent – He never stops giving instructions in his broken English. Aren’t learners supposed to think and act by themselves sometimes? He would keep scolding you for all the errors and never complement you on your good moves. With his behavior and pathetic attitude he would never let the confidence build in you which is the most important factor for a successful test.

    I can go on further, but here is what happened finally. He got extremely abusive during the pre-test drive when I stopped to give way to a heavy vehicle whereas he wanted me to go around it. I protested for the first time and stepped down the car saying I couldn’t tolerate his behavior anymore. He started to shiver in anger, threw my documents towards me, pulled out the L plates, hopped in and drove away. No apology, no efforts to compromise, no consideration for my time, money and the fact that I took a day off from my day contract job.

    I informed HK driving school of this. A useless apology came through from one of Kevin Chow’s brothers. I was the one on the losing side at the end of it all.

    My recommendation (even to the people of Kevin Chow’s cultural background) is to stay away from our now well known instructor, and even HK Driving School if they employ the likes of him and do not take any responsibilities.

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