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Origin Driving School Reviews

This page reviews Origin Driving School and their driving lessons. You will get most independent reviews and ratings for Origin driving school. The information is coming from the driving school website or other resource. The information is subject to change on an irregular basis due to Origin Driving School can change their website without telling us.

For anyone has done any driving lessons with this driving school, please give it a rating and leave comment. That will help a lot for other people looking for a quality driving school.

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About Us

Origin Driving School Melbourne Instructors have many years experience of teaching in the South, Inner, North, West and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.
Origin Driving School Melbourne Instructors have extensive knowledge of the testing routes and does not only teach you how to get your driving licence but also to be a safe driver.

Origin Driving School Melbourne instructors are members of the Australian Driver Trainers Association, (Safe Drivers for life).

Origin Driving School Instructors have over 20 years driving experience and follow ADTA’s strict code of ethics.

Origin Driving School Instructors also have the responsibility of making you feel relaxed and comfortable so that learning to drive is an enjoyable experience.

Origin Driving School Instructors are friendly, honest and very professional.

Contact Us

Phone: 1300 782 909
Phone: (03) 9705 7020
Mobile: 0412 674 446


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Rating: 3.1/5 (42 votes cast)
Origin Driving School Reviews, 3.1 out of 5 based on 42 ratings

8 Responses to Origin Driving School Reviews

  1. I had two lessons at Origin Driving School. While the instructor was very good, calm and well prepared, he never had time! So my two lessons were 2 weeks apart, even though I said I needed to take 2 lessons a week at least! When I tried to confirm the next lesson he said I should text him, and in the end never replied. The third time he was one hour late, which was already too late for me, so I didn’t take that lesson. Such a shame, because he really was a good teacher!

    OH and the bomb was when I first contacted the school and asked for a female instructor, they told me that they only had a few and that they are very busy but I should go with a man because they are supposed to be better! That was really upsetting, and shouldn’t have taken lessons at all based on that answer! My suggestion to the driving school: 1. hire more female drivers if they are in such high demand! 2. get your calendar straight and don’t forget about your students!

  2. Hi my name is Pearly. I recently just passed my drive test and I’ve been so comfortable driving on the road now. My 1st driving experience is from other driving school (forgot the name) he so frustrated and impatient with me and keep hitting my hand and then keep saying sorry. He made me not enjoy driving and I had to stop for almost a year until I got more confident again to look for other driving school and I just wanted to thank you Origin Driving School Instructor he’s so patient, focus, He told me all the important point before the test and also being a safe driver. .. I’m so glad that I found ODS

  3. Origin Driving School were terrible. My driver was so unprofessional. He:
    -was uninterested in his job
    -barely gave me any feedback
    -would check his phone during lessons
    -would answer his phone and talk for about a minute (it would randomly ring loudly through the stereo system and nearly give me a heart attack)
    -would always come 15-25 minutes early and ring me twice telling me to come outside
    -took a ridiculously long time to reply to TXT messages/calls organising lessons
    -canceled and changed lesson times all the time
    -asked me personal questions such as ‘do you live alone’ and then when I asked him nicely not to ask my friend who was coming to a lesson the same sort of personal questions, he called and abused me, then spent the whole lesson sulking and giving me the silent treatment
    -the so-called Keys2Drive lesson consisted of him throwing the K2D pamphlet at me and telling me to go home and read it, then sitting in silence for an hour while I drove around
    -he would put his foot on the brakes or accelerator and turn the steering wheel himself instead of telling me to do it myself
    -started out friendly and we got along really well, then started to get moody and uninterested (like he didn’t want to be there)
    When I complained, the manager didn’t care at all (he said he couldn’t take me seriously, as no one had complained about this driver before), never once apologised and told me to TXT him what I had just told him so he could forward it to the driver, as apparently he needed to give him a reason why I was discontinuing lessons. He said it would take a few days to resolve. A week later, I got a call from the driver, which I ignored, as he was quite aggressive the last time I spoke to him, so I thought he was just calling to say ‘thanks very much’!
    BUT, then I got a TXT from him asking for my bank details so he could refund the remaining lesson money. I called the company asking if this was legitimate, and the manager said I needed to contact the driver, WHO I HAD THE ISSUE WITH to organise the refund.
    This is not an ethical or legal grievance procedure. I felt very vulnerable and uncomfortable.
    I told the manager four times that I was not happy with the way he’s gone about it, and he kept pretending he didn’t understand what I was saying. He spoke perfect English and was quite a smart man. Terrible experience!

  4. Hi my name is Aaron Barlow. I rang origin driving school. I got my licence I just passed today, the instructor that was introduced to me is a very good teacher and I will suggest anyone to recommend. The Instructor was very gentle and very easy to learn of and that helps a lot and yeah very good. I am very happy, I got my licence first go, Thanks Origin Driving School.

  5. I am Tina fey from Melbourne City. I choose origin driving school for their good reviews from other people was the main factor for me to choose the driving school. I really loved the teaching method that origin driving school used. The diagrams in the teaching folder were so helpful .My driving instructor that was introduced and he is very easy to get along with. He Make my driving lessons very easy and enjoyable. I thought my instructor, did an excellent job of teaching me everything I needed to know to pass my drive test first time. I would definitely recommend origin driving school to my friends and family.

  6. Hi, am El-HAAN, I choose Origin Driving School because of its ratings and popularity among very many people.My instructor was David. He was my first and now last instructor i have ever booked. He is an honest person, kind hearted and genuinely . He will correct your mistake and give you the best skills of becoming a safer and good driver. He is a patient Man. David thank you so much. You are among the few drivers who are like for their student to have. Am blessed to had you as my instructor.

  7. I am extremely happy with this driving school!!! My triplets are 17, and are learning to drive off Oscar. He has gone above and beyond to not only provide incredible driving instruction but he is a fun, nice guy that they ALL love being around!! They are such safe, cautious drivers now, all thanks to Oscar! I can’t thank you enough!!

  8. The worst driving school instructor! Very unprofessional… my driver would keep bouncing a ball on the dashboard,which is very distracting for a new student. I had five classes which spread over a span of almost 2 months. The instructor was always late.. and for three classes out of five ,he had a hangover. At the end of it i had hardly learnt anything. What a bloody waste of time.
    It was my husband who taught me the finer points of driving.
    This was the Noble Park branch… pathetic!

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